James Blunt.. Sing to me.


I have a new obsession.. James Blunt. Please, let's just take a moment and appreciate how gorgeous he is.. with that voice.. swoon.

Anyway, getting back to the subject at hand. I was asked how I get in the writing zone yesterday.. and to tell you, it's very simple.. I put on some music, and listen to it.

Not just any music, I can't listen to some heavy metal rap and write out a heartbreaking scene. I need to get in the depressed zone, and listen to some sad tunes. For His Rebound Love, I have been listening to the same songs over and over. James Blunt. His entire album for the past three days!!

Crazy right? No, it's kind of amazing.

When I wrote about Griffin and Ayla breaking up, her in the bed and all depressed. I listened to David Guetta, I'll keep loving you. On repeat. For the while time I wrote it. Yes, that's ONE song. It only took a couple hours, but still.. ONE SONG.

You're probably wondering about the sexy scenes... Remember Judd and Elle's mating? Some John Legend and I was feeling his vibes. That was one of my most passionate scenes ever. You all agreed, it was pretty hot.

So please, come and listen to this amazing man singing, and hopefully you'll love him as much as I currently do. ✚ James Blunt ✚

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