In March 2012, I stumbled across a site called Wattpad.. I just read to start with, and then I fell in love with it. Months later, I posted my first story and became hooked..

This site, became my addiction.

Posting chapters to stories, I was getting more and more feedback. A lot of these stories aren't edited and the grammar sucks badly, I mean really bad! The earlier stories especially.

Eventually, I will publish all of these books.

For the moment, I am happily taking my time to slowly edit and re write what I have already done.

Everything I write, belongs to me. I don't appreciate people stealing my work, and words. 

Unfortunately, because people of all ages are able to read on wattpad, there are alot of private chapters.. I do write, quite the sexy scenes and don't hold back with graphic details. Wattpad have made these chapters private so younger eyes cannot read them. You can read them in the link below. 


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