✚ You ask.. I answer!! 

@Reinagee ~ hello are you still planning for a prequel of Trying Again?

Yes, I sure am. It's always been my intention to write a prequel about Tommy and Gabby. How their relationship started, and they troubles they faced when her parents tried to forbid it.. Plus, writing about those two, just make me happy!! I'm not sure when it will be out, but it will be done!

@SexiiNinjaMe ~ What ever happened to Sitting With Him For Him?

I have taken it down. Just to work on it, in my own time. I felt the this needed to be done.. It'll be back soon, but re written and more story added into the book.
@MicheyJ ~ I'm really surprised you have the time to update, especially having kids. How do you do it? Also, how'd you come up with trying again? Love your writing! Xoxo

I don't even know how I have the time to update!! My life is crazy busy at times. With a toddler who clings and two older boys that fights and ignore me.. most days I'm having my first morning coffee at 10am, and that's if I remember!! Normally, I get myself into a zone and find that once I start writing, it's really easy to keep at it, and before I know it, I've written a few chapters to post and my kids are starving hungry.. Kidding! I write when they're at school or sleeping.. sometimes I am lucky enough to be able to write while they're playing quietly. 

Trying Again, that was actually a story I had half written, and kept in the back of my mind a couple years ago.. Something about it, it just always stuck out and I am glad I took the time to sit down, and write that.. it was one heck of an emotional ride.. Tommy and Gabby, they're like a lot of couples who struggle to keep that spark alive, and think giving up is the easiest solution.. it's not all happy endings and romance. In real life, you have to keep that alive by making the effort.. I wanted to write about that, a couple who still deeply loved each other, but kids and life got in the way, and they fought to get that back.  

@paige8a ~ When do you think you're going to start writing His Safe Haven again? I think I've read that at least 8 times. 

Ooohh. I know.. I have been so slack with that story.. I really want to get back into it soon! It's been on hold because I wasn't truly happy with it.. Evan { sigh } and Emilia will be back soon!! Within a couple of months, I will start posting again. 

@DAAshwood ~ Will you be finishing 'Wolf in the Night part 2?

You bet I will be!! I can't not write about Judd the hot Alpha male wolf. I definitely haven't forgotten about that story!! It's a 3 part book, so this story is far from over! 

@_Aks27 ~ how do you come up with your plots and do you make drafts and edit then post it or draft and post then edit?

This may sound crazy, but they come to me at the most random times. Washing up.. showering.. watching tv.. doing nothing.. at the beach with kids.. I can be driving to a friends house, and within a few minutes, I'll have a full plot line already imagined up and needing to write it down before I forget it. My head is so full of ideas, and daydreams that I need to write them down. My phone. On my computer. I have a file with everything I want to eventually write. When I do post, I normally make up a draft idea of a couple chapters and then I go back through them, re read, re write and repeat.. with alot of wattpad stories, after I've posted a number of chapters, I don't edit. I write, post and write the next.. then once the book is complete, I will go through the story, and heavily edit and re write until I am happy with what I have done. 

@christsake95 ~ is 'Tough Love', going to be published again? I loved that story, and would love to see how it was going to finish. 

YES!!! That's top on my list for re publishing.. I was just really unhappy with the ending, and wanted to re write that part, also to add in a bit more of Ashton and Belle's back story, and the early days. It's coming back, very soon!!

@mieka2love ~ I would love to read another werewolf or even a new vampire book from you, it may seem a bit childish i know but is it possible?

Nothing is ever impossible!! I thought I'd suck major at writing a werewolf story.. the feedback I have gotten, is amazing!! and I think you'll be reading a Vampire { fang-bang } story from me in the near future.. I love writing about werewolves, and the bonds they have with their mates.. So, writing about two vampires.. is definitely possible!

@dosEsignora ~ would you be posting the sitting for him sleeping with him again?
Yes, I will be!! I have just put that on hold, because I didn't like how it was being written... and it needed a lot more story into their lives.. It'll be back soon.

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