a goodbye.. and a new hello!


Sadly.. I have said goodbye to Ayla and Griffin's story.. Those crazy two, were so much fun to write about, and I will miss them terribly, but they will soon be back and published with much more to tell written into their book!!

I'm also excited, that I can now reveal to you all my other new story, that I have just posted a preview on Wattpad.

✚ His Rebound Love ✚ ~ https://www.wattpad.com/story/50547361-his-rebound-love

She loves me. She loves me not. She loves me.. She fucked another guy.

Meet Jackson.. Jack or Jax. He doesn't really care what you call him, as long as you scream it out in bed... 

Moving back home isn't where I thought I'd be living at 24. But, after a breakup I didn't really have any other choice. Being at home and dealing with all the sad looks, it was starting to piss me off.. Actually, not really, my ma loves me and feeds me well. My dad, well he keeps telling me to jerk it off and my sister, she's just as annoying as ever and she doesn't even live here. 

I needed to get out of this place. Get my own bachelor pad, fuck pad. Whatever. 

My dick needed to man up, and get over it. Move onto, into someone new.

If only it were that easy.. Then I met her, and she turned everything I thought I knew upside down.

Hope you all enjoy it!! 

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