fire after dark


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It started with a spark... Everything changed when I met Dominic. My heart had just been broken, split into jagged fragments that can jigsaw together to make me look enough like a normal, happy person. Dominic has shown me a kind of abandonment I've never known before. He takes me down a path of pure pleasure, but of pain, too - his love offers me both lightness and dark. And where he leads me, I have no choice to follow. Deeply intense and romantic, provocative and sensual, FIRE AFTER DARK will take you to a place where love and sex are liberated from their limits.

It took me a few chapters until I could fully get into this book, as I thought it was quite slow.

When Beth and Dominic eventually get together, I couldn't put this book down and managed to read it within a few hours! There were times when I cringed and though 'what is Beth doing' following them, etc. But, all in all I enjoyed the book.

I was gutted with the cliff-hanger at the end. Until I read the second book and wow, just as amazing!

I was also panicking at the end of that one when I realised I had to wait months for the 3rd instalment. I don't think I could have read it any quicker.

This was definitely a top match for 50 shades. A high favourite of mine!

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