Lies, Betrayal & Love


This is a story I adore..

It's not often talked about, and definitely not something you usually find to read.. but, being the oh so different writer that I claim to be.. I wanted to write about it..

Male Abuse. 

It can happen to any guy, and it's not that uncommon.. Lies, Betrayal & Love, focus's on that and shines a light that it can happen.. and to any type of man.

Oliver, suffers in silence because he thinks he's weak, and pathetic.. his wife is abusing him.. and so, he stays quiet and deals with it.. alone.

This book was perceived in a couple of mixed opinions.. Praise.. but then, alot of readers were calling him weak, and pathetic.. because he didn't stand up to Amy.. there is NOTHING weak about him. 

Men can be made to feel like utter crap too.. not just women. It makes no difference what gender you are. People hurt the same.

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Two people meet for a reason, no matter what anyone says, it’s always for a reason.
Oliver and Sage, two people who’d never met before shared an instant connection. A spark formed and a night neither of them would forget happened… as much as they want to.

Sage remembered it from the bruises he left her.

Oliver remembered it as a betrayal to his wife.

Neither think they will see each other again, trying to move on with their lives and putting that night behind them.

Until they run into each other again, in a very awkward situation.

The night they spent together, is a night that formed something between them. Holding them close together for the future to come.

The lies start to come out, a horrible betrayal is revealed to all, hurting those closest to them while a love has already begun to form..

Secrets don't stay hidden forever.

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