Breaking Old Habits { completed }


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It's finished.. Gahh, this is super sad. I hate saying goodbye to books, and characters.. not for long though. It will be published soon enough!! Yay! I definitely enjoyed writing about these crazy two, they were sexed up madly in love with each other.

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You have to be fucking kidding me...!! ~ Ayla's exact same thought each day.

How do you get someone to change their ways? You can't.. Or more specifically, Ayla can't. 

She's been trying to keep Griffin's ex fiancé away from their home, especially since she only just moved in with him and his two sons.. Unfortunately, she didn't predict the ex from hell was going to be living across the road and constantly turning up unwanted, and uninvited. 

What's even more frustrating, she also didn't think her new boyfriend would allow it.. He did, for the sake of his relationship with his sons. Well, that's what he keeps on saying. 

Is Ayla willing to let things stay the same for the sake of her hot new love, or will his past prove to be far too much for her to handle.

He's happy with how things are going between them.. and so is she.

Until she begins to want more.. Marriage.. Babies.. A place far away from the woman across the road.. but does she want it with the man she loves, or has she finally woken up and realised, that's it's just worth the pain and anger any longer. 

Griffin's view on keeping the peace, and allowing his ex to keep meddling may just come back to bite him right on the ass.

Biting so hard that he realises just how much he wants it.. And just how close he is to losing it all.

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